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Easy wireless tethering without rooting/jailbreaking?

I just got an HTC flyer tablet and love it, but it's wifi only and I'd like to tether the 3G data from my motorola triumph on virgin mobile. I don't want to risk bricking my phone as it seems likely there's an update in the works, and I don't want to carry around a bunch of cables...I tried one app that said wifi wouldnt work, but i could use bluetooth if i installed another thing and performed a bunch of magic tricks, at which point i got frustrated and walked away. Sooo...

1) is there an app i can download on each device that allows me to just push a button on each and be ready to go? (ie switches on and off the bluetooth and everything else necessary automagically)

2) if not, what do i need and how do i make it go? (assume i am 5. Actually, assume i am 50, as 5 yr olds these days seem to be born with this stuff in their genes)

Aaand... 3)anyone else have a flyer? What are your favorite hacks, tips, apps etc?
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Try FoxFi, which is in the Android Market... err, on Google Play.
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PDAnet has worked for me in the past. Very simple to use and worked on both a mac and a PC from my Droid, and then form my Galaxy S2 as well. Has support for bluetooth, but I've never personally used it.
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