I can't cum far anymore.
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My semen barely shoots any distance out of my penis anymore. What can I do about this? Should I be concerned?

I'm in my late 30s. For the last year and a half or so, whenever I masturbate (usually lying on my back or sitting in front of the computer), my semen barely has any distance to it. It used to shoot up to the bottom of my pecs. Now it just seems to pump out and pool around my belly button.

There is just as much cum as there used to be -- no change in volume; just in distance. And orgasms still feel as good as ever.

I'm not really concerned about fertility, because I don't plan to have kids. But I'm wondering (1) how to get my distance back, and (2) if this is a sign of some more serious health concern that I should get checked out.

I've tried doing kegel exercises, though not all that regularly.
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if this is a sign of some more serious health concern

No, this is a sign of being in your late 30's.
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Jerk off less frequently. And consider looking into edging. Above all else: Quality, not quantity.
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Upon actually reading your whole question - kegels, but on a consistent basis.
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No, no you should not be concerned.

If this ability was a particular point of pride for you, regular Kegels may help in getting it to return.
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2) No.

1) Kegels, as already mentioned. And this might sound unrelated, but it's not: the change might be accounted for by a change in your hydration habits. Seminal fluid is mostly water, after all. I definitely notice when my husband is underhydrated.
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I'm a 39 year old woman. Never once in my life have I used shooting distance as a factor in choosing a relationship.

What you're experiencing sounds pretty typical. You're not a teenager anymore. If it personally bothers you then do more kegels.

You may also find more info to help you (either to feel better about this or more exercise type help) if you look at the discussion groups at fetlife.com. That site is not safe for children and may not be safe for some adults since it has to do with fetishes, etc.
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As fluffy battle kitten says, it's not something most partners (of whatever gender) are likely to think a lot about.

But if it's something that gets you off, and/or something that gets your partners off, and you want to work on it for that very good reason, FetLife is a great suggestion; you could also talk about it with a urologist if your main concern is that it might be a sign of some larger hydraulics issue (which it almost certainly isn't, but you might feel more reassured by talking with a doctor than with strangers on the Internets).
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Have you ever had a prostate exam? It all sounds normal....but well...esp. if this is a sudden thing...you should maybe get it checked out...prostate cancer is pretty common and REALLY deadly and easy to check for (yes, someone will stick a finger in yr butt...deal with it) A good friend lost his father to it last year...go get a checkup.
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As pixlboi says, welcome to the middle ages!
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I am so very ashamed that after years of lurking, *this* is the post I have ponied up $5 to make. Uh, hi Metafilter!

Distance has a lot to do with excitement levels, I think. So when you're a teenager, every time is an amazing novelty and you can knock a beer off a fencepost ten feet away with each, er, shot. As you age, the novelty wears off and you only get that sort of distance when you're doing something really degenerate, or with someone new, or for some other reason more aroused than normal.

I claim corroboration from 6.00 in this video. (warning: contains Chris Rock, other views expressed are pretty much "lol men go like this women go like that")
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... prostate cancer is pretty common and REALLY deadly and easy to check for

Yes, but mainly older men, yes some forms can be more aggressive than others, and yes, can be diagnosed fairly simply.

IANAD, but I am an older male who has an enlarged prostate, a slightly elevated PSA, and regular checkups, so I take more than a passing interest in this.

A bit of discomfort can resolve this question, so see your doc. As with all forms of cancer, catching it early is key to survival, so make that appointment NOW! Based on age, I would say it is more likely to be another issue that is causing this, but you won't know until you start looking ...
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I read a blog post (that linked to a scientific study, I think) that said that men's ejaculate shoots farther with women they are more attracted to. You're talking about jerking off on your bed or in front of your computer. It sort of stands to reason that the monotony of one's masturbation routine, as opposed to sex with a partner, would result in one's semen coming out as a feeble dribble rather than an energetic, powerful projectile leap.
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I used to be almost able to hit the ceiling. Cant say I miss it that much.
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I'm in my early thirties and have experienced this off and on...went to urologist who suggested it might be Chronic Prostatitis/Pelvic Pain Syndrome, a vague and not-easily-diagnosed thing which doesn't necessarily actually have anything to do with the prostate, but has more to do with the muscles in your pelvis not acting as they should (flexing randomly as a stress reflex, etc).

Might want to look into that, though there is no 'cure' per se.
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