This leather Jacket's style keywords?
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What style/words describe this leather jacket? I want one like it and need to know what to search for. Photo

It's from the game Mass Effect 3, but I like the style and fit of it. What should I be looking for?
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I'd call it a motorcycle jacket. Looks like someone on Etsy made one of those to order, so maybe you could contact them.
posted by Monsieur Caution at 10:37 PM on April 1, 2012

motorcycle jacket. (the ones with the lapels and all the zippers look significantly different but are still considered motorcycle jackets; they're a slightly more dated version.)
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looks like sometimes they're called bomber jackets. Or biker jackets.
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A true bomber jacket is more loosely cut than a motorcycle jacket. I'd call that one a motorcycle jacket.
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'Motorcycle jacket' or 'motorcycle leathers' should find you similar items.
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You might also say that it has sort of a "Members Only/Thriller/1980s" feel, though not with exaggerated shoulders.
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Fitted leather moto or racer jacket with red piping and stand-up collar, no pockets. The leather looks either distressed or pebbled.

Bomber jackets typically have elastic cuffs, and have fur collars, the pictured one has no visible cuffs and a plain leather collar.
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Also, 'Cafe racer'.
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Try adding Stripes and Piping to your searches for Motorcycle Jacket.

Those terms lead me to this Men's Black Leather Vented Motorcycle Jacket with Stripes & Reflective Piping by Shaf International.
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Motorcycle jacker for sure. Thanks to safety padding and other features, looks ridiculous unless you are actually on a motorcycle.
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That's a motorcycle jacket. No question.

Definitely not a bomber jacket, which is puffier and doesn't have padding.
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A motorcycle jacket would have a wide strip of leather under the back of the zipper (and the zipper/angled or off-center) to keep the wind out. It would also fit snugly around the waist and sleeves for the same reason. Also the collar should be low so as not to rub up against your helmet.

The coat linked by the poster has none of those features.
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As three blind mice has pointed out, it's not REALLY a motorcycle jacket, but this term has been taken by the fashion industry and used for its own purposes. Example.
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Hither's got it. The band collar, short waist, and fitted shape mean it's a cafe racer jacket.
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Motorcycle Racing Jacket. Not all motorcycle leather looks like that.
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