Stand-up comedy filter: Searching for the name of a comedienne on Sirius XM radio?
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Stand-up comedy filter: Searching for the name of a comedienne on Sirius XM radio? Vague descriptions inside.

My friend and I were driving home from school two winters ago (in 2010) and we were listening to some kind of stand-up comedy station on Sirius radio. One of the acts was a (female) comedian, about whom I remember very little: she was a tiny bit gruff-voiced, sounded kind of young but had a lot of confidence, and made a series of jokes about sports, including a few about sportscasters, possibly John Madden. A couple might have been about how people assumed she didn't know much about sports because she was a woman, but it's very possible that I'm making that up/confusing it with a different act. In fact, I'm not even 100% sure it was a woman (but if it was a man, he had a slightly adolescent/"feminine" voice). The rest of her set was unrelated, I think. She had a kind of wry, casual delivery that was just naturally funny. I wish I could remember a single punchline to make this easier, but since women in comedy are relatively scarce, maybe someone will have a hunch?

I'm dying to figure out who it was, because she was hilarious. It also may have been the "Blue Collar" comedy station, but I mean that as a loose designation, because I don't remember Ron White or anyone of that ilk, only one set by Foxworthy. But a few of the jokes were about sports and cars.

Bonus question: There was also a set that sounded a lot like early Jimmy Pineapple, doing his ultra-suave overconfident "I'm it" character. There's a clip of him doing that character in American: The Bill Hicks Story, but I've only been able to find, like, one other video of him on the web, and it's just straight comedy that wasn't really up my alley. Are there a lot of comedians who do this schtick?
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For the woman id suggest Kathleen madigan.
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Hooray! That's definitely her! Thank you so much!
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if you have netflix, there is a side-bustingly-funny special called gone madigan by kathleen madigan.
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