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What healthful treats can I give at Easter?

I have a number of diabetic friends and some who are actively reducing calorific intake. I don't have a lot of money to spend. None of us are religious and many aren't Christian, but people are inviting me over for lunches etc and generally having nice get-togethers. I'm handy in the kitchen but quite time poor, I'm also happy with non-food suggestions. What can the bunny bring this year?
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How about making some egg-shaped soaps? Here's one recipe from Martha Stewart.
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What about potted herbs? I would love to receive a basil plant.
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I'm making devilled chicks. You could use low-fat mayo or maybe even natural yoghurt in the yolk mixture.
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Dry roasted almonds. Inexpensive and yum yum yum.
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My Greek boss gave us red dyed boiled eggs - apparently an Orthodox tradition. I have since adopted the habit too.
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You could make some Pisanki (Polish Dyed Easter eggs), but they may take a bit more time and materials than you have about.
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On doing can get very pretty and sturdy wooden ones that make nice little gifts. I get them from the annual bazaar at the nearby Ukrainian Church. The wooden ones are not expensive and they are pretty and last forever. No doubt these can be found on the internet somewhere too. Fruit is always a welcome gift for anyone doing low carb or reduced sugar like me.
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