Interesting technology readings?
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Looking for interesting article suggestions about how new and current technologies affect us on a day to day basis.

I remember reading an article in Wired a while ago about geotagging and how much it exposes us publicly. The writer did an experiment where he (if I remember correctly) went to a park, took a pic, uploaded it to flickr, checked out the geotagging, saw someone who was in the park at the same time, checked out this person's photos, was able to figure out where she lived and a basic routine of movements based on the time her pics were uploaded and was even able to see what her bedroom looked like etc. Creepy!

So I'm looking for other articles that are similar to this, not necessarily regarding privacy, but more broadly speaking how current and accessible technology impacts us.

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I apologize for the Ameri-centrism:

For the raw data (and a little bit of analysis), there is the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

You could also look at the press releases of the U.S. Office of Science and Technology.

If you were looking for more articles with specific types of technology and their impacts, try this or this. (I just googled "how technology has changed our lives" without the quotes to get these)

If you were looking for more articles with a more human feel:
* Make:Blog for the Do-it-yourself technology
* TED Talks tagged with "technology".
* the MIT Media Lab and the NYU ITP group have some great ways that simple technology can radically impact the common person.

If you want more (or i've completely missed the mark), feel free to ask for more (and MeMail me, so I remember to do it), and I'll gladly discuss these more fully and/or give you more ideas. I'll also likely share my google reader subscriptions with you, as they tend to bias toward the impact of technology on our lives.
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Forgot to add some great links to NPR's Digital Life section, for more narrative tales, and NYTimes's Personal Tech section.
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