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Are there any free cloud-based garden planning tools?

I'm looking for something that would allow me to track where I've planted things in my garden. I'm envisioning something that would allow you to maybe drag and drop species into a user-drawn "garden" space. Maybe it would track weather and climate stuff and know you zone and recommend plants based on selected criteria. Does this exist?
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Response by poster: Of course, now I see that there IS a but it looks to be UK-based. I'm in California, if it matters.
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Smart Gardener (this will link to you their catalog)

Plan-A-Garden (Better Homes and Gardens)

Kitchen Garden Planner (this is a garden supply company)
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Response by poster: Is the BH&G Plan-A-Garden any good? I'm loathe to sign up and have to fight of the resultant flood of magazine sales pitches if it's not worth it.
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GrowVeg is drag and drop, will email you planting reminders, and has a 30-day free trial. After that, it's $25 for a year.
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I use Folia. It doesn't have the drag and drop garden feature, but it's excellent for tracking what you're growing and where in a list format. I don't think it will recommend plants based on your climate, but you can see other gardeners near you and what they are planting.
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if you have an iSomething: a list of apps that might work
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