Where can I find a Chicago books/writing meetup?
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I like talking about books and writing, mostly literary fiction and genre fiction with a slant toward slipstream-style SF. Where can I find a group in Chicago to meet people like me?

Meetup.com has a few writing groups and book clubs, but none that appear to be active, and mostly clustered around the suburbs. I live in the city proper. I spend a lot of time thinking about books and writing and I'd like to do this more with other human beings. Are there any newer meetup-style sites that might be more actively used?
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Does Chicago have something like Leisure Learning? http://www.llu.com/

Colleges? Check both classes and writing clubs.

Conventions? Lotsa writery types go to those
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The folks at 826CHI are wonderful. Ok, it's actually a writing/homework center for kids, but there's sort of a rotating cast of tutors and volunteers who no doubt have an interest in writing and reading. The kids (from local schools) are treated to writing workshops, and often collaborate on silly books/stories, with help from the tutors. So, not exactly an adult-oriented reading group, but you'll find like-minded people there, namely lots of enthusiastic kids with crazy ideas they want to put into words.
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