Good place to announce large collection of DVDs for sale?
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My Toronto-based shop has just received a huge collection of art house, cult, foreign, Criterion, out of print etc. DVDs. For obvious reasons I'd like to turn these over as quickly as possible. I posted to our web site and Craigslist to announce the titles, but what other online places do DVD people gather where I could post this news without it being considered spam? Thank you.
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Have you thought about offering them up in the Amazon marketplace? They take a percentage of the sales and if the inventory is as robust as you think, you might want to take advantage of the merchant programs they offer. You could also trade them in for cold, hard cash if you think you can make a profit.
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I have no idea where you would advertise this, but... I have a friend who would like this info. What's your shop's name? Feel free to mefi mail me if you don't want to say.
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check your memail.
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Wait, do we all just hound you for the title list and contact info now?
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It would be nice if there were a list.

Is this the Vortex announcement? The wording's similar.
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There's a high-end DVD store based out of Vancouver called Videomatica that may be interested in hearing from you.
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It is Vortex but I didn't feel right naming it here. We don't do mail order which is why I said Toronto-based. There's no list as we have no computer at the store. It's oldskool, brick and mortar, walk-in only, old cash register. The titles are selling extremely well but thought that if there was some DVD forum that would be helpful. I posted on the Criterion FB forum and I think that generated a lot of interest but I had only brought in about 40% of the guy's collection so far so wanted somewhere to know where to announce in future.

Thank you.
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I think you need to create a list. Maybe bring in a laptop and hook up a CueCat or some other barcode reader, or use your cellphone's camera to scan barcodes. Even just dumping a list of barcodes online would be a start. Otherwise you are limiting yourself to walk-in sales, and it seems like you could really do better than that given the wide desirability of the merchandise.
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I suspect a lot of libraries might be interested in those titles, so please do consider posting a list online, or you may want to see if any local programs or universities have collections that look complementary to your offerings, and send them a proper list with pricing. (I don't know how licensing works in Canada for academic showings of films, though.)
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