Game recommendations for Xbox 360 over System Link?
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Game recommendations for Xbox 360 over System Link?

My boyfriend and I just played through Borderlands (including the DLCs) and rather than start the second playthrough, I'd like to give something else a shot.

So I'm looking for Xbox 360 game recommendations that are co-op play over System Link. I'm not really interested in split screen co-op, but single screen co-op on one console is cool.

Games we've played and enjoyed: Borderlands, Portal 1 & 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2, Rock Band, Guitar Hero

Shooters are good, side scrolling games are generally not cool. And nothing with zombies!
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Okay, so.... Viva Pinata. Perfect over System Link -- you both work together on your little garden. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the challenges are actually challenging, and it can be very addictive. IT also lends itself well to teamwork and cooperation in a slightly different way than the others ("agh! oh my god! Professor Pester!!" "But there's a Swanana coming into the garden!" "Oh god! You get the Swanana and I'll get Pester?" "ON IT.") My boyfriend and I still talk about our garden long after losing our second xbox to red rings.

We also loved Borderlands (the sequel is coming out soon!!), Portal, the music games, and MUA. You can also play separately in the same garden and leave things for each other to find.

but I loved Viva Pinata the best please don't judge me!!
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It should be said Borderlands 2 is coming out September of this year. I played all the Halo games in split screen on the Xbox 360 (though not over system link) and they can be quite fun with the right partner(s). Most or all of them appear to be compatible.
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Response by poster: I know, but September is so far away!

I've read that Wiki link and I'm hoping for some personal recommendations. I know which games can do System Link, but I don't know which ones are actually good, you know?
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Oh, also: check out Co-Optimus.. You can do an advanced search for all games that have system link, or a simple search for all games with couch co-op, etc.
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Irk, preview. Sorry!

Also check out Lara Croft: Guardians of Light. It's not as good as, say, Portal, but it's the same idea: puzzle solving teamwork! It's not system link but it also isn't split screen. It's a solid game for the $12 price tag (it's on Xbox Live). We got a pretty good 20 hours out of it.
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Shooters: Gears of War (2&3 have co-op campaign play, not sure about 1). Any of the more recent Call of Duty line. Any of the Halo games post Halo 2 have co-op campaign.

All of the Lego: [insert licensed franchise] games have good same-screen co-op.
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Definite System link games: Saints Row the 3rd (does have a zombie level hah, but makes up for it with a well written, funny campaign that is all over the place, also requires online pass that might not come with used game), Crackdown 1 (pretty fun open world orb collecting, jumping and climbing), and the Gears games are pretty well done co-op, esp 2 and 3

If it can be Xbox Live and not strictly system link (no idea, or you get some free months of XBL gold, I'd recommend XBLA games Castle Crashers, Iron Brigade, Snoopy Flying Ace, and maybe Shoot Many Robots (it's a side scroller, but more of a shooter and has a borderlands-ish vibe to it with tons of gun-collecting and hats)
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Even though it's zombies, you still might enjoy Dead Island. Its structure of levels, perks, vehicles, and weapon drops is quite a bit like Borderlands.

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light and Castle Crashers are really excellent single-screen co-op games.
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All of the Lego franchise games are single-screen drop-in co-op. There's a bunch of them now. My personal favorites would be Complete Star Wars and Harry Potter. I enjoyed Batman too but didn't really care for Indiana Jones.

You don't mention any stance on sports games, but if you enjoy those, the FIFA games are probably the most-played co-op games amongst my group of friends. Just set the players to all be on the same team and boom. Doing this in manager mode is even more fun, because then you can argue about scouting and the utility of multipositional players and whatnot. I watched a couple friends do something similar with NCAA Football and they were having a blast.

I have not personally played this co-op, but my old boss and his assistant had a lot of fun going through Overlord together, and I am personally a big fan of that game. I cannot remember if there are any zombies in it at all, but it's certainly not zombie-themed.

I enjoyed Dungeon Siege 3. It's fairly limited as an action rpg goes, and if I remember correctly the story gets a little wonky trying to figure out which player is the "main" one, but it's good for a few hours of levelling and hitting things. Sacred 2 is about as opposite as you can be mechanically and still be in the same genre: it's extremely, some might say absurdly, granular in its levelling and upgrading system, and it's a much larger but less focused world to explore. I liked both, but DS3 did not play as much havoc with my obsessive perfect build perfectionism. Your tolerance for that sort of thing will largely determine whether you like both or one over the other. I believe both of those are single-screen co-op, but my apologies if I'm wrong about that.

Finally, if you have any tolerance for backwards-compatible Xbox games, there are a bunch that play like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance that I really liked: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and (especially) its sequel; Hunter: the Reckoning; and Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes.
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