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What are the limitations of making artwork from scans of currency?

I have images of currency from various countries. I want to use them to create new works. At least in one case it's a political cartoon, so maybe fair use? (US currency, US politics). In other cases, the art is distorted by kaleidoscopic effect. It would be pointless to generate hassle from my amateur farting around. But I'm extremely fond of doing this.
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I don't know what the current legal ramifications are, but I do remember back in the day when links like this Adobe is watching you! thread generated a lot of heated discussions on the internet. More info can be found about the EURion constellation via Wikipedia and if you're still determined to make your own play money, there are plenty of tutorials online showing you how to do just that.

Or, if by a "distorted kaleidoscopic effect", you're actually trying to describe a moire pattern, you can find tips on how to remove a moire pattern online as well.
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The Secret Service has your answer!
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At some point in the past, I read about the anti-scanning tech, and it actually prevented scans. However, my current hardware/software does not. I absolutely love looking at highly magnified notes! That's why I want to make some art from it.

Kaleidoscopic means what it says. Mirrored, rotated, etc. Care results in some lovely images. That pyramid on the $1 note is fun!

Thanks, gjc, that's quite helpful, except I'm left unsure how the size restrictions play out with digital images. Who prints stuff these days? But I can see the general idea is to avoid even a little appearance of counterfeiting.
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Antiscanning? Some systems use the EURion constellation. Others do not.
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