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Are there any mapping applications that display all regions within a fixed distance from an input point? For example: from a given address in NYC, what are all the places I can get to in 30 minutes, via any combation of walking + public transit?

So we're moving to NYC (yay!), and my wife & I are looking for housing. We're trying to stay within a 30 minute commute from her work, and I'm searching for possible neighborhoods based on subway & bus maps.

Wouldn't it be nice, I mused, if I could type in where she works, and a tolerable commute time, and Google Maps or something would show all the places we could live within (any combination of) transit + walking distance? All the data's already there, on NYC MTA. Surely someone more clever than I has already thought of this and done it.

Right? If not...I might take a crack at it. If the answer is no, this doesn't exist, then I have a follow-up question: I bet there's an algorithm in graph theory that returns a list of verticies within a given distance from a source vertex. Where should I start looking?
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There was a post on the front of metafilter not too long ago about a web app that did just this. Consensus was it worked OK in some places and not well in others. Let me see if I can find it.

Ah, here it is.
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Aha! Cartoo doesn't do public transit, but mapnificent is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

(Strangely, it hangs in Firefox, but Chrome works OK.)
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Triptrop does this too.
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Walk Score does a version of this as well. If you click on the Your Commute tab you can enter a home and work address and they'll give you walk, bike, drive, and transit times. I know they've been actively working to upgrade their algorithms, so if you tried them in the past and didn't like them you might give it another shot.
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