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I want to have some sort of easily-editable text box floating on the top level of whatever I'm doing in Windows. Think, like, a sticky note or a ticker.

That's basically it. I don't know much anything about computers so I have no idea if this is easy, or tricky, or what. The more inobtrusive or elegant the feature/program, the better. This box will preferably hold text size 12 or even smaller, and it will rarely contain more than a few words. And I'd be editing it very frequently, so I don't want changing the text to be a hassle at all (preferably I could just click on it and edit like a word processor-- no dice if I have to go into a menu or open anything).

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I've used this sticky app for years. I love it, it's easy, you can set stickies to be always-on-top, you can also set them to "roll up" if you double click on their title bar. It basically just gives you a little text box.
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Seconding Stickies, I can't live without them.
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Hole in one! Thanks. Using it already, and it's just what I was hoping for.
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