Help me get my leather painting fixed.
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My wife has this leather painting/art kind of thing which was made by taking a hide of leather and cutting out patterns in it. I think it was then painted a bit. It was made in Thailand originally. The problem is that it got stored somewhere damp and the bottom bit has shrunk, so now it is not rectangular but more rhombussy shaped. (Not a lot, but noticeably). Is this repairable? I mean, leather stretches right? If so, where would you go to get it fixed? I don't even know what sort of craftsman to ask.
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Since it has been painted, I'd imagine that if you had it stretched the paint would crack. The way I see it, your best option is to try to shrink the top in a very controlled manner. Take it to someone who specializes in art restoration or maybe leather jackets, if it's important to you.
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Your local motorcycle dealer might have a recommendation for someone who works with leather.
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Framing shops work with all sorts of different artwork. If they can't help you themselves, they might know someone who can.
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