looking for hair product recommendations.
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i'm interested in your recommendations for hair product which is as affordable as possible with a natural-looking and long-lasting hold for a messy quiff/faux hawk hairstyle.

i got the cut this weekend and picked up some wella holding creme. it was $16 at the salon and is available online for around $12, which isn't too bad. and the hold looks fairly natural as well.

i'd like to look into some other options just to have an idea of what people are using and what else is out there. i'm also interested in any techniques you may have for styling with this kind of product. i have fairly straight and fine hair if that helps.

thanks everyone!
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I use this wax, which I can usually find at CVS/grocery stores for $4-6 a container. Container lasts at least a month or two. Here's a Walmart link if you're not opposed to it.
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Fudge Hair Shaper

It has the best hold, and is not a wax, and is water soluble, so you won't feel like you have to shampoo your hair 15 times in order for it to feel clean.
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As for technique, the most important thing is to not start in the front, or that will be the only place that gets styled, and the rest will be flat. (My hair is very similar to yours.) For wax, grab a dab about the size of a smallish blueberry, rub it all over your palms to heat it up, then lightly brush it into your hair. I start with the top of my head, but make sure you get it everywhere. Then style, adding a little more in the front as needed to keep your bangs off your forehead. My hair ends up looking like something between this and this, depending on the time of day/length/amount used.
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I use Garnier Fructis Surf Hair.
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I am a die hard American Crew devotee. Specifically, Forming Creme. I do a faux hawk/messy spikes and it is great. It's got amazing hold, you need just a dab, it's water soluble, so you can restyle with just wet hands, and it lasts for freaking ever (The two pack lasts me two years!)
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