Concealer recommendations needed
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So they discontinued my go-to concealer, and now I need some suggestions.

My favourite and beloved concealer - the Origins brand - has been discontinued in my skin. I used to buy the "very light" which apparently no longer exists, and the "light" one is noticably darker than my skin tone. So now I need recommendations for another concealer that is as natural as possible and comes in an equally light shade. Oh, and actually works and lasts a decent length of time?

I'm in the UK and price is a consideration, although for something very good I'd probably be willing to pay up to £25
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Personally I like Almay. Not sure if you're looking for organic or not.
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No. 7 Intelligent Colour is my favourite. It only comes in three shades, which apparently "blend" into your own. Try the "light" version to see if it works with your skin tone.

I buy the medium (I have light brown skin) and it blends nicely into my own skin colour. I really notice the effect in the mirror as well as in photographs - my skin looks much more even-toned.
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Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer ranges from porcelain to a dark cocoa-y brown (I'm somewhere in the middle). Most of the shades are yellow based, so they blend beautifully. You do have to adjust your technique, since a little of this stuff goes a long long way. Expensive, but it works and one little pan lasts forever.
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Benefit Bo-oi-ng works for my very pale skin to cover up the blue under my eyes. I apply it with a flat concealer brush (I got a Benefit one for about £5 on eBay) and it lasts well.

I also find the No7 stuff in a stick (I don't think it's Intelligent Colour - it's a cream/lipstick type tube, not a lotion) is pretty good and pale. All the No.7 foundations are too dark for me so I was surprised.

If you're near Westfield in Shepherd's Bush, I hear Inglot concealers are good, but they didn't have my colour when I was there.

stormpooper - Almay hasn't been available here since about 2001.
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I like RealSimple's cosmetics reviews, and they recently did one on concealer. (Sorry for the click-y link. I didn't see another working link to get them on a single page; print didn't work for me.)
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I use YSL Touche Eclat. It's expensive (25GBP), but covers really well, so it lasts a long time. I have light skin, and I use the second lightest shade. It has a brush applicator, but I still paint it on my hand and then use my ring finger to dab it on my face.
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I came to recommend YSL as well, so what meilssasauraus said.
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I like Paula's Choice soft cream concealer in soft ivory (I'm super pale).
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It's £1 over your budget, but I really like Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage. It's very good because it has two colours that you can blend together to your own preference -- i'm super-pale so I favour the lighter brick, but you can get pretty much whatever you need.
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Lush's Jackie Oates is for very, very light skin, and though you're supposed to blend it with moisturizer to make a foundation, I've used it straight up with a fingertip as concealer.
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I used Touche Eclat until I discovered Cargo OneBase.
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Seconding Benefit Bo-oi-ng- it comes in a very light shade (perfect for me), is thick enough to cover well and has good staying power.
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I like using Makeupalley reviews for this type of question. You can filter the reviews so you only see the ones by people with "fair" skincolor. Registration is required.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help everyone! I ended up buying the benefit bo-oi-ing because it was in store in my area and I could try it out to check the colour. I like it so far, but time will tell. I may try some of the other suggestions here too.

Insectosaurus, I do use makeupalley, but in this case I just didn't know where to start (I was secretly hoping someone here might have had exactly the same issue as me and discovered a practically idential product. I can but live in hope)
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