Where's my pencil?
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Where's my pencil? I would like to find a .7mm Mechanical Pencil with lead cushioning in a brushed metal barrel - the Staedtler 925 25 would be perfect if it had lead cushioning.
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The Alvin Draftmatic is a good all-around drafting pencil. It has cushioned lead in all sizes, and a metal grip. The barrel is plastic, but it's pretty solid. Alvin is a fairly widely-available brand, so your local art/drafting store will likely have them if you prefer brick & mortar. 

Jetpens has a lot of drafting pencils, so even if you don't like that one I'm sure they'll have something you like. 
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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by lead cushioning [like springy at the tip?], but I highly recommend Pentel's Graph Gear 1000.
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Response by poster: Yeah, lead cushioning is bit that makes the lead springy.
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Rotring 600; now rather expensive as used only.
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I'm pretty sure the Graph Gear 1000 doesn't have cushioned lead. And, unfortunately, as awesome as it is, I don't think the Rotring 600 does either. The Draftmatic is the only pencil I can think of that I'm sure does, especially in a 7mm size. It's much more common to find cushioned lead in 3mm pencils since they break so easily without it.

I recently spent 5 years being the pen-and-pencil expert at an art and drafting store. I spend way too much time looking at pens and pencils.
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> I don't think the Rotring 600 does either

The 0.5mm 600 I have on my desk does.

It might not be metal, but the Uni Ball Kuru Toga is all sorts of awesome. It's picky about lead choice, though.
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> The 0.5mm 600 I have on my desk does.

Fascinating! I just looked at a new 600 (the Japanese-only ones that are being made now, and are available on Jetpens) and it does not have cushioned lead. So I guess that's one of the changes they made.

So, Brent Parker, while an old Rotring 600 might be exactly what you want, don't go for one of the new ones that are available now.
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Response by poster: So I just picked up a Alvin Draftmatic .7mm and it feels good to write with, but now the lead feels too big (and I think it looks ugly) --- so maybe I can find a .5mm w/ a cushioned lead that also has the awesome looks of the Stadler 925 and it's heft. Ideally I'd like the lead tube to be retractable as well...
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Best answer: I think I just found your pencil!

The Rotring Rapid Pro is all-metal with cushioned lead and a retractable lead sleeve. That's the 0.5mm silver one, but it comes in black and in 0.7mm as well.

I'm ordering one right now. I might have a problem.
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Response by poster: Perfect!
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