Sewing machine vibrations and Computer hard drives.
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Can a mini sewing machine and iMac live happily on the same desk?

I am going to buy a sewing machine this model specifically, the only desk space I have also permanently houses my iMac.

Is there any chance that the sewing machine vibrations could affect the iMac?

Can a sewing machine and an all-in-one computer live happily on the same single desk?
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Yes, if the iMac is sleeping (or even better, shut down) when the sewing machine is in use. Hard drives are indeed susceptible to vibrations when the platters are spinning, but they are surprisingly robust when the heads are parked and the platters spun down.
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If they're going to be plugged into the same electrical circuit, you should put some sort of line conditioner between the iMac and the wall. Electric motors can back-flow big power spikes into the wall current when they turn on and off, and that might not be very good for your computer.

A UPS would be best.
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You could consider getting a vintage machine that folds into a desk - thus when you're not using the sewing machine, it would be completely gone, and when you were using it, you can turn the computer off and lean it against the wall. Singer sewing machines prior to 1960 or so are pretty bomb-proof, for example. Here's an even later one so you can see what I mean. You'd have to replace your desk though. Bonus: you'd probably save some cash, at least in the United States (I see you're in the U.K.) you an purchase those sewing machines/desks for a lot less than the average sturdy sewing machine.
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I bought an anti-vibration pad to keep under my machine. It seems to help quite a bit.
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