Easy breezy couples weekend that doesn't break the bank?
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Low-key, not super expensive beach getaways for May, east coast-ish?

I'd like to surprise my guy I'm dating with a fun weekend (3-day) vacay idea. East coast probably, beach definitely, cheaper, with chain hotel.

I want it to be a beach, and somewhere either reasonably drivable from Pittsburgh or with flights in the $300 range. East coast or Florida?

Ideally the location has a chain hotel, so we can pay for lodging with our billion hotel points.

Also, it will hopefully be a sweet and relaxing "couples getaway" thing, but the beach doesn't need to be overly "romantic." Just don't want it to be filled with families/babies or spring breakers. Don't need any spas or fancy restaurants or golf. Just sand and sun, stress free!
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May? The water's going to be cold so you'll probably want to be pretty far south if you're planning on swimming (in the ocean). NOAA has a nice page with historic temperature data here. Florida and the Gulf Coast are probably your best bets.
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Best answer: Seconding gulf coast FL as the way to go. If you can spring for a flight. I'd shoot for Tampa and stay out someplace like Treasure Island. If flights to Fort Myers aren't too bad, there's a great Marriott on Marco Island. They offer things like waverunner tours through the everglades. Also check out Sanibel Island. Have fun!
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Allegiant Air has cheap flights to places in Florida and other budget airlines. After buying a ticket to Tampa with the D airline, I figured out I could have flown to Orlando for 1/3 of that on Allegiant and just driven a couple extra hours each way.
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Florida. I don't know Pittsburgh flight pricing, but I've flown round-trip from Philly to Tampa for under $200.
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Savannah GA!
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Low key? Edisto, South Carolina. Sort of between Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. There's a dirt-cheap state park campground if you're that sort, and during the off season, other accommodations should be fairly cheap, too. My family has vacationed there (off and on) for years because there's lot's of opportunity to sit around and do nothing.
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