Headrest Mount For iPad Wanted
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Looking for a car headrest mount for my iPad

I plan on traveling some with my daughter this summer and in lieu of an expensive rear seat entertainment system I want to mount my iPad where she can use it while I drive. There are a lot of mounts out there; this is the sort of thing I am looking for. At that price, though, I figure that one is pretty flimsy; I don't mind paying more for something that is well-made. In addition to being as sturdy as possible, it also needs to be adjustable. I have an original iPad and want it to fit without having to remove the case, but plan to upgrade to an iPad 3 at some point and want to be able to use it with that too. So what I probably want is a universal tablet mount that adjusts to various sizes and thicknesses. Finally it needs to work in both landscape and portrait orientation (which seems pretty standard). If anyone has any personal experiences with these I would appreciate your sharing it with me.
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this? I have no personal experience with it, but I know about it because Matt Haughey tweeted it a few days ago as a hot deal. I have no idea how to link to tweets, unfortunately....... but he says it works!
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You might want to check out the ergonomics of this before you buy. Most front seat headrests are not ideally located for a child actually using an iPad, as it would require having arms extended and probably reaching upwards. We mount ours with a mount like this when we do NOT want the child playing with the iPad, for example while watching something like a movie. This may impact your thinking regarding flimsiness.

A decent iPad case, making sure you have no sharp pointy objects in throwing distance, and training to treat the iPad as a treasured toy may be an effective alternative that provides a better result.
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how old is she? this would make it safe for her to hold and play with, but looks "babyish"


I have the otterbox case for my ipad and it has survived my toddler son dropping it
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Response by poster: My daughter is seven and has been around electronic enough that I am not worried about protecting the iPad, just mounting it so it won't fall down. She is also pretty long-limbed, and should be able to reach it fine as long as the seat in front of her is slid back. That first suggestion is intriguing, but doesn't seem adaptable to different models/cases and I am not sure if it works in portrait orientation. If I can find one at a nearby brick-and-mortar store I will check it out though.

Unfortunately the inability to find these things for sale locally and evaluate them in person is why I asked this question.

Thanks for all your answers so far (and in the future)!
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Response by poster: We mount ours with a mount like this...

What brand and model do you use? Does it meet the criteria I outlined?

If I can't find a mount that works for me, letting her hold it in her lap is plan B, but watching movies is one of the main things I want to use it for.
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The one you originally linked to looks suspiciously similar to the Siig one we have. It's not great but it isn't terrible. It is adjustable for various sized devices, to some degree, and would fit all iPads. It is, however, only designed for landscape orientation.

It is fine for movie viewing. For actual interaction, lap still works better. Sorry for no real help.
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