Best place for bra fitting a non standard body?
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Where is the best place to go for a bra fitting when you don't have a "typical" body?

I know that I ought to be fitted for a bra. (what other foundational garments should people get fitted for?)
But I have some physical deformity that makes me very self conscious. Where is some place I can go where the sales people are professional enough to make me comfortable *and* they can handle non standard bodies?

I have a collagen/bone grown disorder. One of my symptoms is a bowed chest with a corresponding sway back. My bow is not as pointy as that picture,more boxy. But I'm left w/o cleavage since my breasts are pushed to the outside a bit. I know that my bras are not quite fitting and that can affect how my clothing fits.

But I'm not sure that someone at Macy's or Victoria's Secret would be able to help me.

I am located in Baltimore, MD.
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I had good luck at Nordstrom's - part of what I was aiming for was a slightly more mature fitter, but I'd heard good things about their fitters. But you may want to try private lingerie stores in your region, especially if there are any that advertise as having post-mastectomy bras (maybe near the hospital?) They're more likely to have fitters who have seen more body types than the standard mall shops.
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Once upon a time, I fitted bras at Nordstrom. Cobaltnine is right--we specialized in fitting post-mastectomy clients and really worked with women of all ages and shapes. Those ladies will take care of you. I hate hate having bras fitted, and it's the only place I'll go.
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Thirding Nordstrom's. Those women have seen it all.
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Friends of my family had a good experience at this fitting salon in Northern Virginia, if you're willing to take a drive. They make custom bras to fit you specifically, and they're not any more expensive than the import brands I have to get because of my atypical cup/band size ratio.

Nordstrom's is a good start, though, if you've never been fitted. They might even be helpful in answering this question for you in terms of local boutiques; when I moved to a new city the fitters at Nordstrom's told me about where I could more easily find my crazy sized bras than their own store, and they were spot-on.
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Find a specialty bra store in your area. A quick google search gives this which has a run down of bra boutiques. The first result, Bra-la-la looks very promising. They advertise to post-surgical patients, so they stock and fit for non-standard boobs all the time.

Seriously, I have boobs that are not able to fit in off-the-rack bras and have had decent luck at Nordstrom's carrying a wider array of sizes - but getting an actual bra fitting at a speciality store changed my life. My clothes fit better. My ribcage hurt less. It was amazing.

These bras may be more expensive, but it's totally an investment. Get two and hand wash them and they'll last for years.
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The nearest intimacy store to Baltimore is in Tyson's Corner in VA. It's worth the trip. In addition to having every imaginable size, they do free alterations to make every bra a perfect fit. I have non-standard measurements, too, and the free alterations made the store extra amazing. Every fitter I've worked with has been top-notch, responsive to my feedback, and not pushy, so I don't think they make commission.
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Ms. Vegetable seconds Intimacy. FanTAStic. I can't tell you how amazing it was to have pretty bras for the first time ever. That fit. And were comfortable. Did I mention pretty? It's surprising how much impact a pretty bra will have on how you feel about your boobs.
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Another Washington area suggestion is Trousseau in the Tyson's Corner (actually, from previous answers, it looks like there are a bunch of stores similar in the area, so you could make a day of it). I've been there, and they are nothing but professional, kind and friendly. They also have a great selection, and can keep your measurements/preferred brands on file, so if you wanted to order more you could just call and not have to make the drive again.
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Another vote for Intimacy. I've used the one at Copley Mall in Boston and without touching me or measuring me they were able to determine my correct size - which was quite different than I thought! Pretty impressive.
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I think Intimacy, Nordstroms, or a specialty bra-fitting store will be able to help you. Once you know your size, you can order your bras online from, which will be less expensive.

Do NOT go to Victoria's Secret. They carry a limited size range, and will tell you that you fit into it, whether or not you actually do.
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Neiman Marcus was the store in Atlanta for bra fittings. My sister had a mastectomy, and she said the ladies there were incredibly professional, and just phenomenal. It made a difference for her. They made up a reference card for her, and she could call and order anytime she needed. I hope they have an equally resourceful staff in Rockville.
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This story popped up on my Google search to see if you had Lady Grace in your area (alas, no).

My guess is that any bra store that advertises its services to post-mastectomy patients will also have experience with clients with other physiological variations. One of my BFFs has a pretty extreme scoliosis, and she finally found her ideal bras by asking a colleague who had had a mastectomy where she shopped.
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I'll nth the suggestion for Intimacy. My shape is a little unusual for my cup size, and all of the fitters I've had were able to recommend the specific bras that would work for me, not just measure me for the correct size. I also tend to be very self-conscious and they were very professional and made me feel quite comfortable. It was more like undressing for the doctor than a store employee.
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I too used to work in the Lingerie department at Nordstom and highly recommend them for fittings. Everyone is trained to work with all needs, shapes and sizes. If you are especially worried you can always ask to work with the manager, asst manager, Pacesetter (this is a top seller for the store and they always give great service), All-Star (someone awarded for their customer service) or someone who has been prosthetic certified as they will have gone through all levels of training in fitting which includes but isn't limited to the positions I already listed.
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The place I prefer for bra fittings specializes in post-mastectomy and hard-to-fit sizes. A quick Google search gives me this store in Fulton, MD that handles post-mastectomy wear. Might be worth a call/visit.
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