Standard medical clearance form?
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Is there a standard medical clearance form for immigration purposes?

(Keeping this anon because my current job doesn't know I'm leaving yet.)

I'm moving to Vanuatu! Yay! Part of the process for getting a residence permit/work visa is submitting a medical clearance form. Vanuatu doesn't have a form to fill out (that I can find), so I wonder whether there's a standard form that most countries use. I did find State Dept. and USAID forms. Do you think those would work? Will my GP know what I'm talking about?
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The best place to get an answer for this type of question is by contacting their embassy, which, oddly, appears to be in New York City, not Washington, DC.
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Actually, here's a better link.
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Yeah, other people can come up with a form, but you'd have to ask Vanuatu what they want to know whether or not it's going to do you any good. Give the embassy a call.

And it's not all that uncommon for a country with only one embassy to have it in New York. It's where the UN is, so a smaller country can kill two birds with one stone, especially if relations with the US are basically cordial and not that exciting, decreasing the need to be in DC.
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I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record

* Download Form I-693 (234KB PDF)
* Download Instructions for Form I-693 (129KB PDF)

For detailed information about the medical examinations:

Applicants - Visit the Immigration Medical Examinations page linked on the right.
Civil Surgeons - Visit the Designated Civil Surgeons Page linked on the right to find update letters issued by USCIS as well as detailed information about the examination and useful links.

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Sorry, didn't see your last sentence - your GP may NOT know - but you'll find a list of designated Civil Surgeons on the website. Also, most countries accept the US medical report (unless its too far along - in Singapore, they had their own form and conducted many of the same tests but did accept certain results from the older US tests)
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