What to do with a broken MacBook?
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What to do with a broken MacBook?

We have a one-year-old MacBook here, with two years left on the warranty. Problem is, the display broke somehow, and there is a plaid-ish pattern across most of it so it's not useable.

This type of injury is not covered on the warranty. We did the suggested groveling to the "Genius" at the Apple store to no avail.

Now what? it'll cost around $500 to fix (that's the cheapest quote -- by Tekserve in NYC). Should we plug it into another monitor and that's that? Can you sell such a laptop for any significant amount of money? Is there any place that would like it as a trade-in toward another laptop? The owner has switched back to his previous laptop, a Toshiba, and is tired of Apple products anyway. (the annoying thing is that if we give up on Apple I have to sell an almost-new Duet audio interface that only works with Macs. Ugh)

Suggestions welcome.
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You can use it as a headless server, or plug it into a monitor (as you mentioned) and use it as an ersatz Mac mini.
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Best answer: eBay. Even broken these command significant return - possibly enough to get an older model that will work with your Duet.
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I'm pretty sure you can fix it for less than that, if you're adventurous.

Check ifixit.com for a guide and the part numbers, then check eBay for parts.

I fixed a 4-year old white Macbook display, by replacing the display and some circuit board for about $150. Did it myself though.
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Did the "Genius" give you a quote for official Apple repair?

Independently, IF it is a broken screen only, it should cost no more than $100 plus the cost of the screen, which could be $100-$350 depending on the model. You can even replace it yourself if you are careful, it's easy but with tiny fragile parts involved.
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Best answer: While the iFixit guides are brilliant for those willing to crack open their Apple hardware, if you would prefer that someone else do the repair, I've generally found that TechRestore offers the best price and service for out of warranty display repairs on Macs, often no more than $200+shipping.
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Response by poster: The Genius said around $700!

These are great suggestions, thank you., I wonder, if we put it on ebay, what the reserve should be? I mean, how much should I expect for a one-year-old Apple Macbook? with two-years left on the extra warranty?


Macbook 13.3/2.4/2X1GB/250/SD
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Can you use it as a media source by attaching it to your TV? I would play photos, videos, movies, DVDs from the Mac onto a flat screen TV. something to consider.
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Best answer: I can highly recommend Louis at the Rossman Group in NYC. He made a free house-call and fixed the broken display on my MacBook Pro in about 10 minutes, and for way less than anyone else was quoting. (I also see that he now has a storefront in NYC where I believe you can walk in and get your computer fixed as well.)
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Fix it via a 3rd party repair shop. We had a 17" MacBook Pro with a broken screen, it cost about $400 to fix. Apple wanted about $700.
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Response by poster: ROSSMAN GROUP fixed it while I waited!!!!! $170 plus sales tax. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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Glad it worked out for you!
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