How to view geo specific web content from anywhere in the country?
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How to view geo specific web content from anywhere in the country?

My small business needs a way to check locally served content for anywhere in the US, but do it from a central location. For example, we literally need to see webpages as they appear in Peoria, Illinois with geo served content targeted by IP address. Peoria is just one example, we'd need the ability to view locally served content anywhere.
We have checked into what is available and haven't found anything that is versatile but also easy to use.
The Geolocater Firefox browser extension is elegant and simple but will not work for us because it requires the web page to call the location service and most pages outside the major portals don't do that.
Any ideas to easily emulate any location in the US? Thanks!
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This is probably a stopgap measure, but you could compile a list of proxies in different parts of the U.S. (check their location with something like this once you're logged in) and use them with your preferred proxy program (using a browser's proxy settings would be too slow).
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Response by poster: Finally found a service called GeoSurf which provides a good amount of coverage for 25 major US DMAs and 90 countries internationally. So far, so good.
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