Where did I hear this story about meeting Paddy Maloney?
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About six months ago I listened to a recording of a guy telling a story about taking a trip to Ireland with a co-worker who he barely knew, and the co-worker's father turned out to be Paddy Maloney, of The Chieftains. Where did I hear this?

I think it was almost certainly on The Moth or This American Life, but my Google Fu fails me.
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Best answer: I heard this too! It looks like it was Brian Finkelstein on The Moth and the story was called "Jewish Blood, Irish Heart." Unfortunately I can't find a link or any information from The Moth for that episode, but hopefully that'll set you off in the right direction!
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brian finkelstein jewish blood irish heart - I thought it might be that too.
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I still have that podcast from Dec. 21, 2009 in my itunes library - send me a mefi mail if you'd like a copy.
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Response by poster: That's the episode! Knowing that it's offline, I don't feel so foolish about my inability to find it. :) moonmilk, your offer is very kind, but I was looking for it so I could link to it from a blog entry (and also to make sure I hadn't lost my mind), but if it's not public, then that's out of the question. Thank you, though!

Thanks, folks—I appreciate it.
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