Homemade chocolate recipes sought. All sorts. That's all. Thank you.
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Homemade chocolate recipes sought. All sorts. That's all. Thank you.

I'd like to use cacao, honey, peanut butter, milk and chilli. Maybe tahini.

What else can I put in my chocolate? I have an oven but don't feel like baking to be honest.
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Chipotle pepper, mint extract, orange liquor, sea salt. Green tea? I've always wanted to try a hops-infused ganache...
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Recipes please BP!
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Are you looking for candies, cookies, brownies, cakes, or hot chocolate? This is not clear to me.
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lollusc, all of the above, preferably with no baking involved.
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I'd start with a simple ganache, a flexible and generally no-brainer substance which lends itself to further goodness. For example, ganache can be formed into truffles or melted down and used for drinking chocolate. You can take any ganache recipe (example) and, more or less, introduce those additives which you would like to taste in the final product. In particular, judicious use of extracts and liquors will add flavors, but don't add too much alcohol as this will affect setting. You won't need to bake anything, but you will need the use of a stovetop and double-boiler to retemper, and a fridge to set the ganache for downstream deliciousness. Don't get any steam water from your boiler into the chocolate during retempering, or the chocolate's crystal structure will "freeze" and become mostly an unusable glob of brown. If you make truffles from your flavored or unflavored ganache, you can also add decorative and flavorful flourishes such as sea salt, candied orange or lemon peel, or other elements.
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Make your own "peanut butter cups" thusly:

1. Melt down a big bunch of chocolate.

2. Grease up an ice cube tray (a plastic one that you can twist to pop things out of).

3. Spoon a little melted chocolate into each of the cubes of the tray. Let it sit a minute or so, just until the chocolate juuuuust starts to get hard, then carefully "spread" the chocolate in each cube so it goes up the side of each one, and makes a little "cup" inside the cube.

4. Pop the ice cube tray in the freezer for about a half hour to let it firm up. You should have some leftover melted chocolate; keep that to one side for now.

5. Take out the ice cube tray and re-melt the leftover chocolate.

6. Fill those "chocolate cups" in the ice cube tray with peanut butter.

7. Spoon a little melted chocolate on top, making sure it covers over the peanut butter.

8. Pop the tray back in the freezer for about an hour.

9. take out the tray and pop the chocolates out of it. Ta-da. (Store these in the fridge.)

You can use whatever you like to fill the chocolates instead of the peanut butter, of course -- almond butter, cashew butter (or other nut butters), jelly, a maraschino cherry....or you can make your own versions of those "nuggets" things that Hershey has, where it's just a little block of chocolate with things in it like chopped nuts .
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Truffles. (Instructions in the linked comment.)
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I've been making chocolate bark by melting good 100% chocolate, then stirring in honey and a glob of coconut oil. Once that's all blended, dump in some coconut chips. Pour into a foil-lined container, stick it in the fridge.

I love it. Reactions from people I've offered it to range from "you must be desperate" to "this is delicious, how do I make it?"
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What, no BACON?
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