Menstruation: There's an App for That
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Looking for a desktop application to track my menstrual "periods" and birth control schedule (kinda NSFW).

I take Depo Provera which, after my first shot, pretty much made me bleed for 2 straight months (hello, nice to meet you, DivaCup!). Therefore, using a limited period tracker like can mean I'm highlighting each day, therefore minimizing the effect of looking at a two color option, doesn't-allow-for-weeks-long-bleeding calendar. Also logging into a site every day...well, anything not on my desktop, which I keep empty of icons, is a daily habit which will be forgotten and abandoned quickly.

And I really, really need to get in tune with my body.

So, is there an application out there for me, a Windows 7 user? Bonus points if it's pretty and is just the tracking rather than something like Outlook which is sorta 1/4 calendar.

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Is a separate google calendar not an option? You can have multiple calendars on one account, and toggle between them.
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Seconding custom google calendar. Off all the apps and programs an actual notebook dedicated to my period was the most helpful and showed my doctors how much I cared about my health.
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I use Period Plus. I like that it can estimate how many days I have until my period. It would be better if it had push notifications ("2 days left until your period, honey!!")
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Oops, sorry, you were asking about desktop apps... I totally misread your question and suggested an iPhone app!
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Maybe the Taking Charge of Your Fertility charting software would work. The menstruation indicator is just a red teardrop icon. It's a bit pricey ($39.99) but they have a 15 day trial and the UI is pretty simple to use.
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I found that FertilityFriend had most of the features that TCOYF's software did, but looks about 10 years more up-to-date (and the free version does everything you need it to do). It is a web-based software but their app has an alarm feature to remind you to enter your data - I think the web portal may have an alert as well. (Honestly, after doing this for about two weeks it has become so second-nature that I don't need any reminders anymore.) Also, you could create a shortcut that opens the site in a browser, so it could still have a presence on your desktop.
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Best answer: Hormonal Forecaster
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