How to make new boxes in the "new" Facebook timeline
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How can I create my own custom tabs/boxes/apps for my Facebook page using the new timeline? (link to example inside)

Adding a new tab or landing page to old Facebook pages was relatively easy. Now a new landing page is not a possibility - however, it appears there's a way to create new "apps" - with thumbnails beneath the header image - which could lead to pages with custom HTML... but I don't know how.

Verizon's page is doing this... I'm sure its a possibility they paid Facebook to do this and be shown how, but I'm hoping there's a Facebook app developer here who can possibly steer me to instructions on how to do this myself.

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Best answer: Damnit. Solved this myself. It's the same as before: Static HTML: iframe tabs.
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Yes, but you helped others, so thanks.
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