Good Divorce Lawyer in Los Angeles, California?
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Asking for a friend. I need a recommendation to a GREAT divorce attorney in Los Angeles, California. And by great I mean: Knowledgeable, Strong Advocate, Fair-minded, and with an excellent "bed-side" manner. The last bit is most important. Please Memail your suggestions, or provide resources in-thread! Snowflakes inside....

I have a friend who has been married 20 years, second marriage, no children in this marriage. Yes, she's probably retirement age. The husband is ten years younger.

Her husband makes more money than she does, and the problems are (sadly) on his side and not rectifiable. Worryingly, she seems to think (and I don't know where she got this idea, because I did not pry) that she will leave the marriage penniless. She's not from the US and super cool person and not prone to histrionics of any kind - I sincerely believe she's unaware of how divorces work, but especially in how divorce in CA works.

My friend absolutely is the embodiment of fairness and kindness. She needs someone similar as a legal advocate, but someone who actually knows what is legally "fair" and is and will strongly advocate that.

I know people in NYC I would trust for this recommendation, but not in LA.

I'm looking for personal experience or "friend-of" recommendations.

The neighborhood of the potential client is high-end (Beverly Hills/Bel Air) but the relevant financials are impacted by mortgages on the marital home. Still, someone OK dealing with those types of numbers is preferable.

Spanish familiar is cool, but my friend is completely fluent. Language is not really an issue, demeanor is.

Thank you all, so much.
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