Photo gallery of travels with a small plane
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I remember seeing this amazing picture gallery of some guy's travels with his small plane via some link aggregating site/blog a few years ago, but can't find it now. The guy had landed his plane in all sorts of amazing landscapes (mostly in North America, I think), and taken pictures. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
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This one:
posted by sleeping bear at 11:23 PM on March 14, 2012

I was thinking Philip Greenspun. Google him.
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Response by poster: sleeping bear, thanks, but that's not it---the gallery I'm talking about had (perhaps in addition to aerial pictures?) a bunch of pictures of this guy with his small plane landed at various cool/wild places. jaydar, I know about Greenspun, it is not him. The pictures I'm talking about may in fact be from before Greenspun took on aviation, though I'm not sure about this. They were certainly from a time before digital photography went mainstream.
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Cole Rise! He and his Hasselblad fly around and take gorgeous photos.
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Response by poster: Thanks, ella wren, but this doesn't look like him, either. The page I'm thinking about was really old (possibly even pre-blogosphere?), and may not even exist anymore, but I'm hoping it at least was moved somewhere instead of disappearing completely. As far as I remember, there was one really big page with pictures of this guy's travels with his plane, his landings in unlikely, wild places, etc. The guy had a black beard (that really helps, doesn't it?)
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