AustinFilter: Need small durable shoulder bag, approximately netbook sized or so.
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AustinFilter: Austiners - where can I buy a durable bag for a male, today, that would hold something about the size of a netbook or a little bigger (a standard size notebook/messenger bag is too big) that has a shoulder strap for easy carryin' around?

I feel like REI or Whole Earth Company should have something. Any other suggestions?
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Tom Bihn might be what you're looking for.
posted by iamabot at 8:16 AM on March 14, 2012

Book People? One of the big bike stores?
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Oh sorry, I totally missed the "today" thing, my apologies.
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Just an FYI - it's Austinite, not Austiner. :)

I'd go to Whole Earth Provisions.
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ATXPeanut - Oops. I've been here a long time, but never really could decide what to call us.
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No specific Austin suggestions, but I carry my Netbook in a child's messenger bag I bought at a Sanrio store and it's the perfect size. Maybe try toy stores or kid sections of department stores?
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Kipling makes a wide array of bags. I have one similar to this. They are well-made and last a long time and can be found in most malls.
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REI has a decent selection of messenger and laptop bags, some of which may be suitable. If you're at the REI up north in the Gateway Plaza, head over to the Apple Store in the Domain... they probably have bags for iPads now that might fit the bill. They have Jack Spade/Kate Spade laptop bags there which are nice, so possibly they have good smaller stuff as well. Check out an Army/Navy surplus stores as well. 29th and Guadalupe, 51st and Airport.
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Don't waste your time at the Army/Navy surplus store on 29th & Guadalupe - their selection stinks (so does the store) and they're waaay overpriced.
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Check Buffalo Exchange on Guadalupe? They have a motley selection but you never know, and you might find something that's more of a unisex small shoulder bag there since they buy mens and womens. STAG menswear on S. Congress is also a possibility, if you can pay boutique prices for something nice in canvas/leather.
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2nd Whole Earth Provision Co.
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You might use 'field bag' or 'field case' as a search term. I have such an animal from REI (their own brand), but I'm not sure if it's big enough for a netbook.
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