Clever anonymous survey handout
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Does anyone remember a group survey print-off designed to be left out to anonymously collect opinion? It was a graphic design/sociology piece, and it made the blog rounds a couple years ago...

The design was simple, clean, all in black, and intended to be printed on a white sheet. It was divided into quadrants (though my recollection is hazy), and allowed passers-by or meeting attendees to fill in with a pencil (with little "meeple" icons?) which quadrant (and thus which survey item) they most agreed with, heat map-style.

(As an aside, we are calling those "heat map surveys," right?)

Its design was intended to demonstrate how a simple survey may be performed in person while providing anonymity and minimizing "interviewer effects" and other interfering phenomena.

One of you still has this sheet (or its designer) on the tip of your brain. I know it. My foogle-gu is simply failing me on this one.

Thank you.
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