Where can I buy a nice box and some foam in Vancouver?
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Where can I buy a nice box and some foam in Vancouver?

I have recently acquired the complete set of Settlers of Catan expansions... and I really don't want to store them in eight different boxes. One box would be better. One sharp-looking box--preferably wooden, but I'm open to ideas.

My plan would be to fit some foam in the box, and cut out slots for each of the different game pieces. I would probably use two layers of foam, otherwise it would have to be a pretty wide box. I would also love any suggestions on where I can get foam that would be good for this.

I would prefer not to order online, because couriers always manage to screw up delivering to my apartment, and I inevitably end up going out to the middle of nowhere to pick up my stuff. So, ideally the place where I buy the box of my dreams would be accessible via the Vancouver Skytrain.

As to price: spending less money would be nice. But if you know of a good source that's a little on the pricey side, I'd still like to hear about it.

And in the interest of both expanding my predilections and making this post more useful to a wider public, if you have alternative suggestions for effectively storing your Catan expansions, let me know!
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Not to step on the toes of MeFites with useful suggestions, but have you tried searching for or asking this question on the BoardgameGeek Catan forum or their general DIY forum? Because those dudes are going to have 58 ideas on what to do with your stuff. Probably with video tutorials on how to make them.
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There are stores in town that will custom cut foam for you such as The Foam Shop in Burnaby.
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You might want to investigate Pelican pick-n-pluck foam. It is made to line their hardcases and has automagical scoring on it so that you can make custom nooks cleanly. Usually found where camera equipment is sold.
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Thanks for the foam tips! Any leads on finding a nice wooden box?
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