Looking for newspaper printer near Georgetown, Texas?
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I'm looking for a printer that has offset web press services (to print newspapers) in or near Georgetown, Texas (such as one located in Austin or surrounding areas). Does anyone know of one?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a printing company that prints newspapers (offset web press services required) either in or nearest to Georgetown, Texas, such as one in Austin, maybe. Please exclude the print services offered by the Williamson County Sun. Any info or contact info would be greatly appreciated. I have called around to 4-5 printers and have had no such luck. I'd prefer them to be within an hour's drive, but the closest I can get to Georgetown will do. (I live in the Chicagoland area and am only semifamiliar with the surrounding areas in Texas.)

Thank you!

(I hope I picked the right category for this question; I had a tough time deciding where this question fit best.)
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I cheated. I hunted around until I found references to other periodicals which include Georgetown news in their publications. Since all of them came with web addresses, I just copied the list:

Newspapers and Magazines:

Austin American Statesman (statesman.com)
Austin Business Journal (austin.bizjournals.com)
Community Impact Newspaper (impactnews.com)
Focus on Georgetown Magazine (focusongeorgetown.com)
Georgetown View Magazine (viewmagazineinc.com)

No doubt half of them use wilco for printing but there's got to be at least one that doesn't, because there's always one, either for contrariness or discombobulation with wilco. If their delivery schedule matches your delivery schedule...maybe you could piggyback on their delivery, too.

Printer of record is supposed to be listed on each publication's masthead. It's a start.
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My wife (who has a background in commercial printing) mentions CSI. She says there's another up around P-ville, but can't recall the name.
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The Statesman has its own press and in addition to the American Statesman and its Spanish language newspaper, also prints the regional versions of the WSJ and USAT. I think it also prints the local newsweekly the Austin Chronicle and other smaller newspapers like the Round Rock Leader and probably the other titles in half buckaroo lists above. The University of Texas's student newspaper the Daily Texan used to have its own presses but in 2009 contracted it out to the American Statesman's. It might be worth calling the Southwestern University student newspaper in Georgetown and ask them where their paper is printed (then again, being in Georgetown they probably use the Wilco Sun).

About 10 years go I used Capital Spectrum's offset printing (but not with something requiring printing on newsprint). They're located near the Austin Airport pretty far from the Georgetown, however they'd send couriers up to my office in Round Rock (about 30 miles from the airport and 15 miles from Georgetown).
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I edit an Austin co-op's newsletter and we get it printed at Highland Publishing in Marble Falls. I email the files and they deliver to Austin.
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Sixth Street Printing in Austin (on 6th St., east of 35) does offset printing.
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The one up around Pflugerville is Business Ink.
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Thank you all very much. In one way or another, each of your answers helped greatly.

a humble nudibranch: THANK YOU A TON! I talked to Highland Publishing today. They're exactly what I was looking for! It also seems they can accommodate my needs perfectly and keep my company on the same production schedule we operate now. They're very nice, too! Thank you again, big time!

halfbuckaroo: Thanks! I agreed with your response soon as I read it. I experienced the same thing out my way.

adamrice, birdherder, devinemissk: I looked into these per your suggestion. Unfortunately, they don't handle newspapers. Thanks so much, though.

eyebeam: I haven't had an opportunity to call Business Ink yet. I'm not sure they handle newspaper printing. However, they do look like an option for another area of my business. Thank you!
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