Where can my friends and I go for some good, adult fun before everyone starts having babehs?
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Where should my 10 friends and I rent a cabin in Northern California this summer/fall?

Four to five other couples, plus my boyfriend and me (all in our late 20's) are looking to rent a house for a long weekend this summer. We were originally considering Sea Ranch, but I've looked around sites like VRBO and it actually doesn't look there are too many places big enough for all of us--the ones that say they can sleep 10+ have a bunch of bunk beds because I guess they're assuming you have kids with you (no kids on this trip).

We are considering Tahoe--certainly no shortage of huge houses there--but some are worried that it's too expensive (eating there, doing things--just the area in general I guess). So in the interest of thorough research, I am looking for good alternatives.

Some criteria: We'd like somewhere with beautiful scenery where we can swim (so somewhere near a lake would be great), hike, maybe kayak and do general outdoorsy stuff....though some of us are less outdoorsy, so it'd be nice if we found a place that didn't make the less nature-inclined feel like they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Also, a few in the group would be coming up from SoCal (the rest of us from Bay Area or Sacramento area) so nowhere that would take forever to drive to or too far away from a major airport (this rules out Shasta, for example). As much as I love the coast, I know most places there get foggy in the summer (though if there is an exception please chime in!) so I'm thinking we're better off inland. Not ruling out Central California either, but northern CA is preferable. Yosemite would be cool but the lodging there is EX-PEN-SIVE and I don't think we're up for camping.
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I've rented from Russian River Getaways a few times with great results, though only in the off-season, so I'm not able to vouch for the River in the summer. The people that run the company are fantastic and helpful though, so you could probably ask them.
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Mount Shasta?
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Decent town with good food; lots of rentals. Hiking, mountain biking, lakes for fishing, canoeing/kaying on lots of nearby lakes, swimming (maybe, brr), access from both North and South. Bonus: natural hotsprings pretty close.
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Do you know the Yosemite condos?
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I'd recommend the Guerneville or Healdsburg area of the Russian River.

You can canoe and Kayak the Russian River or head out the coast (45min away) to Jenner for Kayaking. Hike up in the Armstrong Redwoods

Don't want to be outdoorsy? You're in the middle of a great bit of wine country check out any of the Dry Creek Valley wineries which are inexpensive and fun. (I Like Unti and Nalle and a trip up to Gary Farrell is generally recommended.

Its about 90-120 minutes from Oakland or SFO airports (I'd do Oakland over the Richmond bridge personally).

You're close to the coast but the mountain range keeps out the dense fog in the summer. It really is like 4 different weather types within an hour of Guerneville.

oh and VRBO should have a bunch of places large enough for your group. Like So
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