Pinterest for Teams?
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I need a website where a team of 10 people can post pictures, text, videos, songs, etc., make comments on each others posts, and keep it private (or ideally have the option to keep it private, or public as we choose). Basically I need Pinterest for teams.

I'm working on a collaborate creation project with a bunch of folk with varying levels of comfort with technology, so the simpler the better. And it's gotta be free...we're artists, so we're all broke. We'd like to have a nice central place to keep all the snippets we find inspiring. Worse case scenario, I'll start a Tumblr blog, but the blog layout isn't ideal for this....any ideas?
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I'm doing something similar with Wordpress right now, and its working well. Simple basic functionality, and tons of possible modifications if you have an administrator with some tech know-how.
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-Flickr, via use of friends/family restrictions and a private group
-Yahoo Groups, using external hosting
-There are some free FTP services out there, but dealing with comments would be a little tough
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Yup, as for so many things, Wordpress is the answer. Here's an out-of-the-box Pinterest clone for it. Here's another one.
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Isn't this basically what Google+ does?
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Gilbert beat me to it, but to expand on his statement: as long as you all have each other in circles and each have your "our private group" circle defined the same, you're set.
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Livejournal banging on the window "Guys! Guys! I got this! Really!"
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2nd-ing LiveJournal. You can set up your own exclusive community over there and have at it!
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