GoDaddy holding my domain hostage
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Help me transfer my domain off of GoDaddy, they are holding it illegally even though I've played by their stupid rules so far and I dont know what to do!!

Ok so last fall I registered a domain through Google, and only found out later that they *actually* just farm out the domain registration through Godaddy. Yerg, fine. But then I became very frustrated with GoDaddy's service because they weren't forwarding my domain correctly and refused to do it properly. Irritated, I waited 60 days and then tried to transfer to Dreamhost.

...Which GoDaddy denied because I had changed the DNS information of my site (which is required in order to transfer domains) and they claim that that constitutes a resetting of the 60-days bullshit. I tried emailing, but to no avail. Irritated, I decided to just play their stupid game and wait 60 days and try again.

So it has now been three months and I decided to give it another go, only to have it DENIED! AGAIN! And there is NO REASON this time!!!

I dont know what to do and Dreamhost cant do anything and they are the only people that respond to my emails. Please, someone help! :( :(
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Call them. I've never had a problem getting through.
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Yup. You have to take it to phone. I've been trying to wrest all of my domains away from GoDaddy and it's impossibly slow and painful. Call; ask for instructions as to their process. Do it. Call and followup again. Emails don't work with companies like that.
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Response by poster: I would love to call but have been completely unable to track down a phone number. Does anyone know it?
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(480) 505-8877
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GoDaddy customer support info
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I switched over to Hover last year, and they did a lot of the leg work for meā€¦but then G.D. wasn't being too tough to work with, as it was a couple of days before the "Dump G.D" flood hit. Good luck, they deserve it.
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It's on the front page on the top right...
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