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Books/Autobiographies which inspire?


I recently read a book on how to navigate the world of Business cleverly and be forewarned about people and the politics. I am looking for more of such books but not just that. Here is what I would love to get recommendations on books for the following-

Books written that help to understand politics/wheeling and dealing in business, the things your mom never taught you and no business school does-basically how to avoid the sharks and stay ahead

Autobiographies by folks (political/business arena) that give first hand information on how they got successful in life.

Basically any real life experience books that known icons have shared (Politics/Business) that would be great for a person who is clueless when it comes to day to day games. (i read the book -" Swim with Sharks .." by Mckay and that was really inspiring as he layed down key learning lessons)

Thanks so much
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If you liked Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, you'll probably like Harvey Mackay's other books. (He's written a bunch - I really like them all)
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I liked the one by Jack Welch that I read.
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Iacocca by Lee Iacocca might fir the bill.
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The Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant.
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Not sure how inspiring this is, but it was definitely an eye-opener for me (and a door-stopper): The Power Broker. Picked it up as sort of a challenge and absolutely did not expect to get as absorbed in it as I did. As far as how it applies to your question, there's plenty of back-room wheeling and dealing in it, although in a very non-condensed form.
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