Need recommendation for veterinary oncologist in Bay Area
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Anyone have a recommendation for a veterinary oncologist in the Bay Area? Not Sage/VMS in Campbell...

Right now I feel like Sage/VMS in Campbell is taking advantage of the fact that I am scared and worried and will do anything for my dog by over charging me.
For example: Sage took a set of x-rays 4 hours after my regular vet did (and provided them with the films), and charged 3x as much. They started an IV and catheter for an ultrasound (and were unable to explain why an IV and catheter were needed for an ultrasound) and charged $200 for these things. I believe they care more about my wallet than my dog.

If you can convince me they are the best and it's worth it, please do. Otherwise, do you have any recommendations for a veterinary oncologist in the Bay Area? We are in San Jose, but willing to drive to anywhere within driving distance. I am by no means rich, but my pets mean the world to me and I am willing to do whatever I can to keep them healthy. I would just rather spend $500 toward chemo than unnecessary IVs and x-rays.
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Have you considered UC Davis?
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UC Davis was my first thought, but I figured I'd check here in case there was anyone closer.
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I have not worked with the oncologists directly, but I've had good experiences at SFVS. Best of luck to you.
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We have had very positive experiences with Evergreen Pet Clinic off of Capitol and 101.
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When my beloved cattledog was diagnosed with oral melanoma, our regular vet sent us to SCVH. This was several years ago but they had an early morning shuttle that picked up pet patients in the valley and drove them over to Santa Cruz for treatment, in case you can't break away from work often enough to meet the treatment schedule.

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When my cat had cancer last year we ended up at a hospital that is part of the Blue Pearl network. I checked and there is not one in California. However, one of their hospitals may have a list or the ability to refer you to a practice in the Bay area? I know it's a long shot, but GVS provided us with both loving care and also reality, which was nice. If you call the Atlanta office, our oncologist is Dr. Mallett, and she's the best. I don't know if they CAN refer you, but I figure asking a good oncologist is a good way to find another good oncologist. Good luck.
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Well, they were wrong about the cancer. She has a systemic fungal infection with a low survival rate. Now I'm wishing it *was* cancer... We're going to fight it as much as we can and still preserve her quality of life, though. Thanks to those who responded here and via mefimail.
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