Hey, man, you have tickets? Anyone? Need two to buy.
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I want to go see U2 in Los Angeles. Just decided that, damn the torpedoes, I can't miss it. What's the best way to go about acquiring tickets without getting scammed or gouged?

I've done e-bay tickets just once before, and it worked out, but I heard about the recent ticket disaster in Boston where craigslist was flooded with counterfeit tickets. How to ensure I don't get screwed?

And how can I determine a fair price? I've been watching the auctions for awhile and still haven't determined what's fair market. I'm willing to blow some coin (although not a grand) and I would like decent seats, but I'm still a cheap bastard when it comes down to it, so I don't want to drastically overpay. Or should I go the broker route? Anyone know of a 'good' broker in Los Angeles? (good being a relative term)
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I would imagine U2 has a pretty active fanbase, complete with message boards and the like. (not trying to be snarky, honest...). Frequently, fan sites have message boards where fans post requests like yours -- and fans who frequent these boards sometimes post when they have extra tickets to move or, at the last minute, just can't make it to the show. The people are friendly, and best of all, they rarely want more than face value for their ticket.

I know if I were looking for hard-to-get Wilco tickets, I'd hit Via Chicago. Were I looking for REM tickets I'd post a request at Murmurs.com. And, when my then girlfriend (now Mrs.-to-be) decided at the last minute that she just had to see Bruce Springsteen's sold out show at the LA Forum, the folks at Backstreets were the best. Cant' help you with U2, but I'm sure somebody in these parts can point you in the right direction.


Are you "industry"? Do you know someone who is? The major talent agencies all have "client services" departments that specialize in getting their clients good seats on short notice. When I was with UTA I was amazed at how quickly they could get me such good seats. Ask around...
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Try Interference.com, though be aware that demand for this tour is extremely high. American U2 fans are still feeling a little burned by the fiasco from the first leg of the tour and are somewhat hesitant to sell outside the established fan community, but the fanbase is still the best way to get "legit" tickets, probably. Try posting to Interference and explain your situation, then keep posting (but don't spam the place) until people know you are legitimate. Either that or go through a well-established ticket broker and pay through the nose. U2's official fan club forum at U2.com is another good place to post.
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Less than a month old.
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