Wheat free alternative to crackers
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Wheat free alternatives to cracker for wine and cheese party?

Having some people over who don't eat wheat but I'd still like them to partake in the sumptuous selection of cheese. What else can I have on hand for them to accompany with cheese? Pear slices come to mind, apple slices... what else to go with a wedge of tomme and a glass of port?
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Rice crackers
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And nuts
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If you have a Whole Foods or similar health food store nearby, there are lots of wheat-free crackers on the market. Mary's Gone Crackers are one brand that comes to mind and they're pretty darn good.
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I'm gluten intolerant and just love Blue Diamond Nut Thins. They're a light crunchy wafer-type cracker with a richer flavor than regular rice crackers. They come in lots of flavors - I especially love the pecan nut thins with fancy cheeses. Easy to find in most grocery stores. Super yummy.
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Thin slices of jicama
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Seconding Blue Diamond nut thins -- perfect with wine and cheese.
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Also Crunchmaster and Sans Gluten's Cracklebread - all good wheat-free crackers. We like Mary's Gone Crackers too.

You didn't ask but if they have celiac vs just being gluten intolerant it would be kind to encourage people to use separate utensils to cut and spread cheese so the cheese doesn't get cross-contaminated by wheat crackers. [gluten intolerant parent of a teen w/celiac here]
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Nicole's Crackersinclude some really good gluten-free ones. Agreed, make sure you don't cross-contaminate.
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Rice cakes and corn cakes?
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Socca bread. It's especially good with soft cheeses and goat cheeses.
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Make crackers out of nothing but cheese! Or, look up Frico recipes, substituting rice flour.
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Nuts (almonds, especially Marcona almonds, walnuts and pecans (even candied ones), cashews), fig jam or dried figs, quince paste (also known as membrillo).
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When in doubt, go for dark chocolate.
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Dried fruits (apricots, pears, peaches) are delicious with cheese.
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Cucumber slices.
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Gluten-free crackers are available at every supermarket. I am myself partial to the Blue Diamond Nut Thins.

I like fruit, too, but there is something so satisfying about the crunch of a cracker that it would make me sad seeing everyone else enjoying crackers when there were none for me.
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I keep seeing whole-fruit preserves, chutneys, and conserves recommended as part of a cheese platter. Granted, I see these recommendations coming largely from DIY-canning books, but it's still not a bad idea...
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Slices of Asian Pear
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I am GF and i love me some Nut Thins. They work well with all sorts of cheese and are sturdy enough to dip into brie or other soft cheeses without cracking. (of course, that's how I eat my cheese...none of the fanciness a cheese knife provides!)

Other veggies (Cucumbers, carrot sticks, celery, cherry tomatoes) are also good pairings for cheese.
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Dates. Baked with bacon wrapped around them.

Or just plain room temperature dates.

Apricots are nice too, but I can't recommend the bacon part. If you can find unsweetened dried cherries, try those as well.
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Crunchmaster and Glutino make decent crackers.

I personally prefer my cheese slices on thinly sliced fruit. You can use apples, pears, asian pears, cucumbers, and even star fruit.
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Grate parmesan. Sprinkle with pepper. Spread in rounds on parchment paper. Bake until crispy.

Nearly instant gluten-free "crackers"!
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I've been dying to make these since I first saw the extremely intriguing recipe. The blogger describes them as "Shortbread-esque in their crumbly, buttery-ness, similar to savory nut thins in composition and the best possible bed for the rich triple creme cheese in my fridge that I can think of."
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Great suggestions, and what an awesome host you are for asking!

It's wonderful when friends go out of their way to include things I can eat, and not-so-wonderful when I unable to fully partake of their hospitality because those things got immediately cross-contaminated by someone innocently grazing. So you can go this one better by stationing the wheat-free goodie plate at the opposite end of the room from all the glutenous things, and surrounding it with a spread that's clearly not made for circulating. Things that don't shed crumbs or droplets are ideal company for that section. Fruits, veg; certainly. Dips, dressings, etc; not so much. You wouldn't believe how common it is for the latter ones to have wheat in 'em.
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Dried salami, prosciutto and other sliced meats?
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Trader Joe's makes Falafal Chips from corn and chick pea meal. No wheat. Pretty tasty.
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