Hiding my SSN from pying eyes
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SelfEmployedFilter: Can I use an EIN on an independent contractor agreement, instead of my SSN, even as a sole proprietor?

I applied for, and received, an EIN a while back in order to set up a retirement plan. However, all of my bank accounts, taxes, 1099 forms, etc. are linked to my personal SSN. I am a sole proprietor with no reason to incorporate.

Now I have an independent contractor agreement to sign. On general principle, I'd prefer not to disclose my SSN. Is it possible to give my EIN – instead of my SSN – when working with a new client? Will this cause any problems if compensation/my 1099 form is linked to my EIN, but I file taxes under my personal SSN?
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That would be fine, if you then put that EIN on the Schedule C you report that income on. That Schedule C is then filed with your 1040.
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