Power-theming Tumblr tool?
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Is there a better way to create Tumblr themes than using the "Customize Theme" window? Specifically, what I'd like to do is use a desktop text editor and be able to preview changes to the theme layout offline instead of in the browser window. Is there some application or plugin (for Dreamweaver or similar) that will make this possible? Mac/PC agnostic.

All said program would have to do is substitute suitable placeholders for the custom tags that Tumblr uses. It seems to me that this should be a thing.

It feels unbearably clunky to me to edit the theme in the browser window, and I can't imagine everyone puts up with doing it this way. So how do I make the process more workable?
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Yeah, it's terrible, right?

There's no reason you can't treat Tumblr tags and code like Wordpress tags and code. Pagespinner is a better option (for me). What won't work, just like with other CMS code, is preview of the functioning CMS code, if you follow, when you have it in a non-native environment.

But I do a hybrid: I do the css and coding for Tumblr in Pagespinner, with some offline previewing, then paste it into the annoying "customize theme" window for live testing of their tags/calls etc.

You could excise the code with placeholders (like, text) just to get the display correct, but that seems like an annoying step to me, but everyone's mileage will vary.
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