Who are the 1% in India?
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Where can I find the income distribution for India? My google-fu is weak on this one.

I understand that good quality data on income in India isn't easy to collect due to the nature of the economy (unorganized labour force, mostly cash transactions, extensive tax evasion etc.), but surely someone has done surveys or made estimates.
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Wolfram Alpha seems to have some kind of answer.
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The NYT ran an article the other day with a couple quick numbers you may find helpful (e.g.: "X% have under $Z/day"), but more importantly they refer to a World Bank report on poverty that you may find more useful than the NYT précis, and there's an online calculator thingie linked from the World Bank item.
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The CIA world factbook also has some info on this as well. The Gini coefficient is a pretty standard measure of income inequality within countries.
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If you want the international poverty cutoff of (US $1.25/day ppp) or the national poverty line statistic, look at the UN Human Development Report online. If you want to go deeper into the statistics, you'll have to look at individual states. Each state produces documents related to development strategies, which might give you the data you need. Getting the actual household surveys that are used to compile these aggregated statistics will likely entail a personal visit to each of the state statistical housing bureaus.
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in my work, they kind of tut-tut the CIA factbook for being very out of touch with reality and out of date. The world bank is one gold standard, the other is the info that comes out of Colombia university.
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Leaving it here for reference.

I came across an article that talks about the 1% in India quite specifically: The case of the growing one per cent Indians. The article puts the cut-off for 1% at "Households with an annual income of Rs 12.5 lakh" (that's INR 1,250,000; about US$ 25,000).
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