Possible problem with Chrome sync
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So I'm having a problem with Chrome sync. I think.

A year or so ago I set up Chrome to sync with a separate laptop. It worked wonderfully.

About 6 months ago I stopped using the other laptop, but still kept the sync on in case I ever needed it again, and also because it seemed tied in with being "signed on" on my regular computer's Chrome.

However, in the last few weeks I've been having a couple of problems that seem linked to the sync settings, but I can't figure out why that would be the case.

1. Three times in the last 2 months my deleted bookmarks have all come back. (But current bookmarks remained unchanged)

2. Yesterday I closed Chrome, and almost immediately reopened it. Upon reopening, all my personal settings disappeared: bookmarks, extensions, theme. Gradually however, they came back, along with (yet again) all my deleted bookmarks, BUT this time extensions I had installed within the last week were also gone (not just disabled, although when I re-installed them, they had kept all their settings.)

So it seems to that Chrome keeps reverting back to an earlier date/sync time. But is this a sync problem or something else? Why is it doing it? And how can I stop it from doing it again?

I'm using what appears to be the lastest version of Chrome (17.0.963.56 m) on Win7.
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It seems to be a common issue - see here.

In summary, Google recommends disabling Sync, and then re-enabling it on both machines.

FWIW, I can never get my Chrome bookmarks to sync across machines.
posted by KokuRyu at 3:56 PM on March 6, 2012

FWIW I too cannot get Sync to work in any sort of reliable, logical, way. It's a mess.
posted by Cosine at 4:07 PM on March 6, 2012

I cannot get my extensions to sync. Bookmarks are fine.
posted by JohnnyGunn at 5:07 PM on March 6, 2012

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