Daily News Digests?
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Give me your best daily news digests.

I used to love Slate's "Today's Papers" feature, and am well aware of the previous post on this topic, but after I've subscribed to many of these, was wondering if there are any others that hew closer to the intent of the Today's Papers feature in the intervening two years.

Email or daily post on a blog (that I can turn into an action using ifttt.com) would be preferred.

Currently I get The Daily Beast, The Slatest, Harper's Weekly and the Morning Brief (via Foreign Policy blog). That last one through ifttt.

Thanks in advance!
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Ezra Klein—er—Wonkblog's Wonkbook is one of the first roundups I look at each day. Link to today's.
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The FT does a good one, although most of their real content is behind a paywall. Look under their tools menu for "email briefings."

If you have a couple specific interests a few tailored Google news alerts are nice (I have ones that alert me when certain places, friends, and family are mentioned on the web, although that only works with less common names).

If you're interested specifically in foreign policy the Council on Foreign Relations has email news briefs tailored to specific things.
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Looking for general news - top stories across multiple categories. Basically, if it comes to me via email or blog posts and gives me what everyone will be talking about in five minutes (preferably with links to the larger story for me to learn more if need be), that'd be great.
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I second Wonkbook. Politico's Playbook is also good, if you can stand the gossipy tone.
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This might not be what you are looking for, but I like Newser, which is also available as an App for your phone.
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ArtsJournal is awesome for all things related to the arts. You can either RSS it or get a daily e-mail.
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I like the NY1 In The Papers segment(www.ny1.com/content/features/in_the_papers/).
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