How to read "Infinite Jest" on a Nook Color?
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I just bought a B&N Nook Color, on which I'll read the NY Times and some Dickens and Trollope. I'd like to download and read "Infinite Jest" on it too, as I've not been motivated to read my five-pound paperback copy. But what's the simplest, cleanest way to flip back and forth between the IJ narrative and the notes on the Nook? Do you have a system? Can you keep both places marked and flip easily? Or what? (I'm pretty tech-phobic but trying to overcome.) Thanks.
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This might work: Bookmark your current page and the current spot on the footnotes then you can tap on the screen to bring up the menu. Tap content. Then tap bookmarks and select the bookmark you want to jump to.

Otherwise if you're reading near a computer or other device that can run the nook apps, you could have a copy open on your nook and computer and just have one for the text and the other for footnotes.
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At least in the Kindle version, which I imagine is basically the same as the ePub you'd get from B&N, in a different container, the notes are linked from the main text. You just click on the number, it takes you to the note, and when you're done there's another link back to the main text. Easy as pie, and it made getting through the book possible for me.
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2nding what hoboynow said. A lot of the B&N classics function the same, with all sorts of links and footnotes throughout. After you've clicked the link and gone to the footnote, you can click the same link to the left of the footnote to go back to where you were.
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Just bought a copy for my Nook to try it. As mentioned above, if you come to a footnote, tapping it will take you to the note, tapping the number next to the footnote will take you back to the page.
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Thanks a lot!
So fast! So smart! So MeFi!
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When you get there, bookmark the page that has all the years of Subsidized Time in order. It's Very helpful to flip back to when you can't remember the chronology years.
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