infinite zoom visual source code editor?
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I saw a video from microsoft research which showed a new editor with like "infinite zoom" when viewing all source code files, like flash vector files - really cool. But i can't seem to find this video again! Does anybody know what it's called? Or a link?
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Seadragon is an image viewer, not an editor.
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Best answer: Code Canvas?
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Photosynth or some variant thereof?
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The poster is asking about a source code viewer, not a photo viewer.
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Pretty sure we're talking about Code Canvas here.
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SeaDragon will also view text. There's a good demo of it on TED (bradly's link).
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Response by poster: code canvas is certainly what I was trying to remember.

really should remember to book mark stuff and not stay "don't worry I won't forget that cool stuff! "

Always bookmark guys or e-mail yourself.

code canvas is certainly the way to go.
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