Giant Public Calendar in NYC
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NYC Filter: Looking for a large, public display which shows the current date (not just the time). Our third anniversary is on Sept. 9th, and my wife and I would like to get photographed in front of some giant calendar/billboard/whathaveyou that reads "9/9/09." Manhattan is preferable. Thanks!
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There are a couple of scrolling news tickers in the times square and 34th street areas that may occasionally have the date and time scroll by.
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This is probably cheating, but there's a movie coming out with that date on every single poster.
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Emyd, that's definitely a fallback possibility! Are you aware of any big billboards for that movie?
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Train stations and airports usually have the date as well as the time on their departures/arrivals boards. So you could try Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, or maybe JFK or LaGuardia if you're flying that day.
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I believe that the CNN building around Columbus Circle shows the date, time, and current temperature. You'd have to have a pretty low shot though.
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Ah, looks like CNN may only show time and temperature. Sorry!
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A good thought, but I don't think I recall ever seeing the date on the departure/arrival boards at GCT or Penn Station.
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You should try to get a shot at *every* sign showing the date and time in Times Square. Like a scavenger hunt.
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There are also a number of The Beatles: Rock Band posters with the date on it. Bonus: they're faux-psychedelic.
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I was in the Acela Lounge in Penn Station a few weeks ago and I'm about 80% sure the date was shown on the departures screens in the lounge, even though it doesn't appear on the big board in the main station hall. They're not very photogenic, though.

Tossing out another possibility: high-dollar restaurants sometimes post a menu du jour with the date in a display case near the entrance. Also, hotels that host conferences usually have today's and tomorrow's schedules posted in the lobby, with dates. Maybe somebody can suggest specific places?
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What about the arty time+date display in union square? That would be neat.
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Jordan, do you mean the Metronome? That only displays the time.
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That is what I meant, Conrad - for some reason I always thought that it displayed both, but the wikipedia page cleared that right up.
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