Malted Milk Ball Recipe?
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I'm on a quest for a malted milk ball recipe (like Whoppers / Maltesers)

After much searching, I've only found a few possible recipes, and none seem ideal. This one from Yahoo Answers didn't come out right at all — more like a meringue than anything — and it's from Yahoo Answers, so more likely some troll cook anyway. This recipe uses white chocolate and malt together, and it comes out more like a candy than malted milk balls. This recipe from Hungrybrowser didn't have the right texture or taste. Finally, this question from the Guardian mentions that the center is just malt, salt, and skim milk powder, although it also mentions that it's cooked in a vacuum, which may mean that ultimately this is outside the range of things I can reasonably cook. Does anyone have a decent recipe for this?
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Like red licorice and butter-toffee peanuts, I've looked into this a little bit and my impression that like my two examples, Malted Milk Balls may just be a type of candy that can't be hand-made. Industrial Candy, if you will. I'll be watching this thread.
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I think sells malted milk ball centers if you'd be contented with just DIYing the coating.
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Actually, if you make this Malted Milk Honeycomb Recipe, which combines air with sugar (I do it with just plain corn syrup/sugar and baking soda, so yummy!), it should come close.
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I don't have a recipe for you, unfortunately, but I can tell you that it's definitely possible to make them at home. At my old job, I had a vendor who brought me some every year during the holidays. His wife made them, and they were fantastic. It's about the only thing I miss about that job.
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